Missing Pieces is dedicated to bringing abortion after-care into the 21st Century.

Other Books

Other Books by Trudy Johnson

CPR: Choice Processing and Resolution Therapy – A Professionals Guide to Helping Clients Face Grief after Abortion Without Fear” Purchase on www.amazon.com as an e-book.  Also available on Google E-Book Store and Nook!

Choice Processing and Resolution Therapy is a professional therapists guide to helping clients face grief after abortion without fear. This e-book is a compilation of years of experience working with women to help them resolve a past voluntary pregnancy termination. The first part of the book explains in great detail why professional therapists should get involved in this issue. There is a clear message of how a “vpt” should be assessed for, why it should be considered and how it affects therapy outcomes. The second half of the book gives a concise treatment plan to walk clients through the grieving process of abortion.

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